Mr. Potato Head Toy Gets A New Look And It Was Obviously Designed By Someone Tripping Balls

Mr. Potato Head Parts


Every product needs the occasional update, and not just for functionality, but the overall aesthetic. A freshening up to keep with current looks and trends.

The Mr. Potato Head toy has been around over fifty years and looks just about the same as it did back in 1964. Fun fact — prior to that year, kids had to use real potatoes. Potatoes not included. Mr. Head is now getting a temporary new look in an effort to raise money and awareness.

From The Daily Record:

The playroom classic has been revamped by toy firm Hasbro to raise awareness of food waste. And with his lopsided grin and misshapen body, the new look Mr Potato Head is the face of an ugly veg is tasty campaign.

The one-off toy has been created as part of Asda ’s wonky veg project to raise cash for food charity FareShare.

Here’s a look at the “wonky” new Mr. PH.





You’re not tripping balls right now but the person who created the new look Mr. Head might have been coming down from something.

The new Mr. Potato Head is up for grabs in an eBay auction. All proceeds will go to charity.

[via Daily Record]

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