In Memoriam: Remembering The Time Muhammad Ali Saved A Man From Jumping Off A Building

Muhammad Ali was more than just a legendary three-time world heavyweight boxing champion, he was a man who captivated millions of fans including celebrities with his wit, wisdom and justified hubris. We remember the time that Muhammad Ali was great outside the ring and saved a man.

Back in 1981, the former heavyweight champion saved a man from killing himself by jumping from a building. A 21-year-old suicidal man was ready to jump off a ledge on the 9th floor of a building in Los Angeles. Muhammad Ali, who was in the area, heard the news and rushed over to the building and volunteered to talk the man down.

“You’re my brother. I love you and I wouldn’t lie to you. You got to listen. I want you to come home with me, meet some friends of mine,” Ali told the man from a nearby window. After a tense 20 minutes, Ali helped the sobbing man off the ledge and took the man to hospital in his Rolls-Royce, a task that negotiators could not accomplish for hours.

As the boxer walked away from the scene onlookers chanted “USA! Digs Ali! USA! Digs Ali!”

The man was later admitted to a psychiatric hospital for veterans where Ali promised to visit him later that week.

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