According To Science, This Mushroom Will Cause Chicks To Have A Womb-Shifting Orgasm Just From Smelling It

Suck at the art of lady pleasing? Well, friend, science is here for you. All you need to do is throw a dozen of these bright orange mushrooms, which can be found in Hawaii, into the duct work in your house and let their aroma do its job. That job, of course, is making your woman reach orgasm just by smelling them.

The bad news for you, is that men find the scent to be repulsive. But I have no doubt in my mind that you’ve maintained an erection in more difficult circumstances, so a putrid smell shouldn’t stop you here. After all,  you play to win the game and, sometimes, in order to win that game, you need to take drastic measures when actual talent is lacking.

Per IFL Science

Published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, Halliday explains that he and his colleague Soule heard of an unusual fungi growing in recent lava flows on the island of Hawaii – a bright orange mushroom which supposedly caused women to suddenly reach climax for no apparent reason.

The pair put the claim to the test by asking volunteers (I wonder how they whittled the number of applicants down?) to take a deep whiff, and recording their arousal levels. The results recorded in the Journal show a significant increase in arousal, with nearly half of the women experiencing spontaneous orgasms. All of the men, on the other hand, claimed it smelled absolutely disgusting.

The obvious flaw with exposing a woman to these mushrooms is the possibility of addiction. Or, more accurately, the possibliyt of changing her sexual preferences. For instance, if you were worried about your girlfriend/wife ditching the idea of having sex with your sweaty, hairy body for her inappropriately sized didlo, you better believe that she will even ditch that pleasure club to cum from sniffing something. We are a society of lazy people who want nothing more from life than to cum without all the clean up.

[H/T TFM via IFL Science]