This Kid Allegedly Got Naked And Burglarized A Bunch Of Homes While His Parents’ House Was Burning Down

Do you like being naked? Of course you do, that was a rhetorical question. How about being naked while breaking into a bunch of houses? That one wasn’t rhetorical this, I actually want to know the answer to that. Maybe there’s a hidden advantage to stripping all your clothes off right before forcing your way into a neighbor’s house, such as…nope, just kidding there isn’t one. There is literally no reason why you should get naked and break into your neighbor’s house, especially if your parent’s house is burning down.

But tell that to Logan Valle, who allegedly did that exactly that.

Falmouth police Lt. John Kilbride said 18-year-old Logan Valle was arrested around 11 p.m. after he allegedly burglarized two homes on Fieldstone Lane.

Kilbride said Valle was not wearing any clothes and was cornered in one of the homes by the owner before police arrived.

Valle is the son of the homeowners of 12 Inverness Road, which burned to the ground around the same time, according to Kilbride.

Valle’s car, a Chevrolet Tahoe, was found abandoned in the parking lot of the Falmouth Country Club, which is a half mile away from the fire scene.

Investigators said there is evidence that someone tried to set the car on fire.


Well if your house is burning down you may as well go for broke and burn your car down too, right? Why not add your cat and your bicycle to that list while you’re at it? Let’s just set EVERYTHING on fire, burn bitch burn.

Police reported that they had been to the Valle house twice due to domestic violence disturbances between Logan and his parents in the past week, however both situations were resolved and no charges were filed.

Valle is now being hold on $10,000 bail and will appear in court on February 4th.

[H/T Death and Taxes and WMTW, header image via Death and Taxes]