Naked Lady High On Synthetic Drugs Lays Waste To A Subway Shop In Alaska



I imagine there isn’t much to do in Alaska when hopped up on drugs. You could fight a bear, or fight a salmon, or fight a mountain.

Ingenious, bored drug users must go out out of their minds finding ways to keep themselves entertained.

One 35-year-old woman in Anchorage has a new way to have fun. Get naked and trash an entire Subway franchise.

I’m in.

Nikki Abrell was allegedly high on ‘spice’ (synthetic marijuana) when she locked herself in a bathroom in a Subway in East Anchorage, Alaska. Two hours later she came out without her clothes and, according to witnesses, began trashing the place, per KTUU:

When she emerged two hours later she was no longer wearing any clothes, and began to break the furniture, pull down ceiling tiles and throw around the food, tables and chairs inside the restaurant.

Hey you gotta do what you gotta do when you’re bored and high at the end of the earth.

Here’s video of the (very slow) rampage. Warning: She is naked.