Watch NASA Drop A Cessna From 100 Feet In The Air And Destroy It In Glorious Slow-Motion

nasa crash test slow motion video

YouTube - NASA Langley Research Center

NASA does some really cool shit that most of us don’t even know about. Sure, we know about the rockets and other badass spacecraft, but they also do work to help out the airplane industry. REALLY COOL WORK.

How would like it if your job involved hoisting a Cessna 172 100 feet in the air just so you can slam it into the ground and then collect safety data on it?

I’d call that a fucking fun job.

And this video, complete with slow-motion footage, is just the last of three crash tests of three different Cessna 172s they destroyed. That must have been one hell of a good week at the office.

Watch as the plane actually flips completely over on its top. Awesome.

Here’s some more stuff that they got to tear up at the Landing Impact and Research Facility at NASA’s Langley Research Center over the years. Also, of course, with kickass slow-motion video mixed in again.

That one was my personal favorite.

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