Woman Kept As Sex Slave Hostage For 8+ Years Inherits Her Kidnapper’s House And Continues To Clean It Daily

Natascha Kampusch has lived through more horrific nights than any of us could ever begin to imagine. Kidnapped when she was just a kid, Natascha was held captive by Wolfgang Priklopil outside of Vienna, Austria for 8 years before she escaped. The house she was kept in is being called the ‘house of horrors’, a house she was forced to meticulously clean the entire time she was being held captive. On the day she escaped Wolfgang Priklopil committed suicide, jumping in front of a train, but not before making sure Natascha would inherit the home….Before we get to the details of this story I’d just like to acknowledge that this is one of the most F’d up situations ever reported on….Moving on.

Years after the harrowing ordeal she’s gone on to do an interview with German newspaper Bild about her experience and how she continues to clean the house every week because she doesn’t want it bulldozed and turned into some sort of amusement park.

via DailyMail:

Now, in an exclusive interview with Channel Seven’s Sunday Night, Kampusch, now 28, took reporter Rahni Sadler on a walk through the building where the nightmarish ordeal took place – a home she now calls her own and lives in most weekends.

All that remains of Kampusch’s five square-metre cellar prison is a concrete slab with the date ‘2011’ carved into it. She says the council ‘made’ her fill it in.
When asked why she didn’t want to sell or burn the house down to the ground, Kampusch calmly responded that she didn’t want it to ‘become a theme park.’
She continues to clean the house from top to bottom, exactly as she was once instructed under threat of punishment by Priklopil over ten years ago.
The outdated home appears almost untouched, as if it were an eerie time capsule paying homage to its twisted past.

Some excerpts from the interview on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night (via Yahoo!) make you wonder just how in the hell human beings can be so cruel:

Natascha’s life changed forever when she decided to walk alone to school on March 2, 1998, after an argument with her mother.
“He grabbed me by the waist and threw me into the open door into his delivery van, everything happened in one fell swoop,”
“The moment the delivery van door closed behind me I was well aware of the fact that I had been kidnapped, and that I would probably die.”
Priklopil had planned for this moment for a long time, painstakingly digging a dungeon below his house to keep his prisoner.
Natascha was locked in the custom built five-metre-square cellar by the unmarried IT specialist.

If you’re interested in seeing the home she still cleans and lives in each week (not every day) you can click on over to the DailyMail for some context, but I’m done with this story for now. It’s so fucked up that this guy was able to kill himself before being apprehended and forced to answer for his crimes. He robbed that girl of a normal life and tortured her, then took the coward’s way out instead of facing justice.

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