Summer Goals: Find This Natural Waterslide And Have As Much Fun As These Bros Did

This. Looks. AWESOME. One of the best channels on YouTube, devinsupertramp, recently found an incredible natural waterslide down a rock formation. I think it might be in New Zealand. That’s to the perfect amount of water and moss, it’s the PERFECT spot for an afternoon of sliding down the water into a deep pool. So sick.

Is it as ballsy as cliff jumping with trampolines? Nah, but it looks so much fun. Something like this is high on my bucket list for Summer 2015.

Total side note apropos of nothing: Love this dude’s manbun dreads. Pretty sure I bought a veggie burrito off this dude outside a Phish show at SPAC last summer. So glad I got a Fluffhead that night.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 4.42.08 PM


So trill. #hairaspirations

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