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During the graduation ceremony at Paul W. Bryant High School in Alabama, Steven Turner Jr. walked up to the stage and stood patiently waiting to hear his name called so he could accept his diploma. There was a long delay and the brand new graduate thought that the speaker had forgot his name. That’s when his mother suddenly appeared, which was a complete shock because for the last nine months Vera Turner was deployed at Guantanamo Bay. Steven’s mother is a Petty Officer 2nd class in the United States Navy. The mother and son tearfully embraced each other in what could be the best graduation present ever.

It was a complete surprise to not only Steven, but to their entire family because Vera didn’t tell anyone that she was making this secret homecoming. She set up the surprise with the help of the school district.

“All he could say was, ‘Thank you, thank you mama, thank you,’” Vera said of her son’s reaction. Turner says she is now home for good.

“It means so much to me, it means the whole world. I thought she wasn’t going to make it,” Steven told ABC 33/40.