A Dad Accidentally Ate So Many Of His Kid’s Pot Brownies That Cops Found Him Crawling About Talking To A Cat

Raise your hand if you’ve ever smoked too much weed.

Yea. No big deal. It’s happened to all of us. God, there’s been times I’ve been so high I didn’t even know who I was, and that’s with me knowing I was stoned.

So accidentally ingesting a dickton of weed? Yea, I can see how that’d mess you up pretty damn bad.

That’s what happened to a dad in Ohama, Nebraska. He found some brownies, and in true dad fashion, scarfed ’em down. When he started acting weird, his wife called 911.

Arriving paramedics found the 53-year-old man crawling around on the floor, and yelling obscenities. The man called the family cat a ‘bitch’ and told paramedics: ‘I’m trippin”.

Stoned or not, cats really are bitches.

One of the dad’s kids told police that the brownies probably belonged to a sibling.

Yea. I bet they did. I bet they were TOTALLY a sibling’s pot brownies. And not yours.


[Via Metro]