Why Are Negative Tweets People Have Posted About United Been Disappearing From Twitter?

Many people have reported that negative tweets they have posted to Twitter about United Airlines have either been deleted or just disappeared. Weird, huh?

So far, thankfully, the hilarious memes and parody accounts seem to have survived unscathed, but numerous other users have claimed their negative tweets about United Airlines have just up and vanished.

As if that wasn’t odd enough, it was noticed that #United was trending on Twitter, as one would expect, once it became all anyone was talking about, but now it too has magically disappeared.

One of the users featured above, Jay Beecher, spoke to The Next Web about what he experienced…

I think that they might have been deleting any [tweets] that had the United Airlines tag on them.

I found [the deleting] was pretty much automatic. I would put the tweet up, click refresh or go to another page and then return to mine, and the tweet would have disappeared.

The Next Web also shared a theory being passed around as to why the tweets were disappearing, but it appears to have been debunked…

Some readers have suggested that the allegedly deleted tweets might have initially appeared as replies to now-deleted tweets, which would explain why they are missing. However, numerous users contacted by TNW rejected this premise, claiming the missing posts were standard tweets.

TNW has reached out to Twitter for comment on this issue, but so far has received no response.

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