This Hilarious Fake United Airlines CEO Twitter Account Is Providing Some A+ Comic Relief

by 2 years ago
fake united airlines ceo twitter account


There has been much hand-wringing over the story of the week about a man who was dragged off a United Airlines flight and bloodied in the process. And rightfully so.

United’s responses to the ordeal have only served to add fuel to the fire.

Reactions on social media have run the gambit from visceral outrage to glorious, glorious memes.

Both have been very appropriate considering the ludicrous nature of what occurred on that United Airlines plane.

And since the real United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz seems to have his head in the clouds, pun intended, one anonymous internet hero did what is always done in times like this: he created a parody account (in 2015!) – and it’s fantastic.

Here are some of the highlights thus far…

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