Neighbor Posts Complaint For Couple Having Loud Sex, Random Bro Gets Involved With Own Epic Note That Shut Them Up



This is what you get for being a passive aggressive asshole who can’t handle face-to-face conversations with other rational adults. Or, this is what you get when you’re trying to reap stupid Internet points on Reddit by faking up two different notes in an attempt to convince strangers that people actually want to have sex with you, kind of like Matt Keohan. Dude literally struts around the office throwing his Bumble and Tinder apps in people faces going “Yo Bro look at mah matches, straight up SLAYIN’ pussy in pound town tonight!” and then high-fives himself. Whatta tool.

But whether or not he’s as big of a tool as these people, well, that’s for you to decide.





[Via Reddit]