Former Beauty Pageant Winner Attempts To Eat 100 McDonald’s Burgers And Looks Hot Doing It

Nela Zisser is a former Miss Earth New Zealand turned competitive eater. Her YouTube channel, NelaEats, is dedicated to chowing down on food in record number. Her challenges this year included munching her way through a 2kg curry, 10 scorpions, a massive sandwich, a giant burrito and then an even bigger burrito.

In her latest video, Zisser attempted to eat 100 McDonald’s sandwiches – 50 chicken burgers and 50 cheese burgers – has clocked up more than 70,000 views this week. Zisser explains in the video that she bought two types of burger to “combat flavor fatigue.”

She managed to put down 45 burgers but in the end was defeated by the taste, commenting “the taste got me in the end.”

Something else is going to get her in the end, especially after eating 45 burgers.

[via Stuff]