This AirBnB Is Designed Entirely For ‘Netflix And Chill’ Should Basically Guarantee That You’ll Get Laid, Right?

I might have told this story before but no one reads my articles so I’ll tell it again — about ten years ago four friends and I went to Vegas for about a week (and that’s 3 days too long) and I’m hooking up with this girl I met at a bar in my hotel room and things are getting intense and she asks if I have a condom.

I did not.

And she accuses me of lying and says “you and your friends come to Vegas and no one brought condoms” and yeah it sounds weird but it because this joke before we left that the guy who bought condoms was guaranteed not to get laid. We all played sports, we’re big on superstitions, so none of us bought any thinking “it’s Vegas, we’ll probably be falling all over condoms.” Well this was the first night, and sorry, but we all had other stuff on our minds.

I found one, not the point in this, the point is that when you think and assume and plan for something to happen it usually doesn’t happen. Speaking of, the Netflix and Chill AirBnb.

From High Snobiety:

Part art project, part rentable listing, this New York space in the West Village comes complete with a custom bedset, fully-stocked mini-bar unit, roof-mounted HD projector connected with Apple TV, and even surround sound speakers so you can fully get in the zone during Narcos marathons.

The listing is a collaborative project between artists ART404 and Tom Galle, and can be booked for $415 per night through Airbnb.

Unless you live with a ton of roommates, or your parents, or the woman is DTF no matter what, this room will almost certainly NOT get you laid. And seriously, where the fuck do you get a Netflix comforter? I don’t even think the CEO of Netflix has that comforter.

This room is a mush.

[via High Snobiety]