Trump Protesters Got Violent In Albuquerque Last Night And Knocked Down The Barricades To Start A Fire

I’m not sure if violence at a Trump rally is news anymore but I am sure that it is entertaining as hell. It’s kind of like drunk college kids at a tailgate. You drink enough $16 thirty-racks and it’s all but guaranteed that someone is going through a folding table onto the concrete. It’s not news but everyone still wants to read about it.

Hence the infatuation with Trump rallies. Everyone knows that Trump rallies are going to have some fisticuffs or something similar. Take his rally in New Mexico last night, when Trump protesters stormed the police barricades so they could throw rock at police officers and start a couple of bonfires.

For his part, Trump didn’t do much to quell the tides of violence. For one, he verbally insulted the protesters, which, call me crazy, is not how I always assumed you were supposed to make people more agreeable.

Via Esquire:

“Trump told the many individuals interrupting his speech to “go home to mommy” and told the crowd that one man who disrupted him, “can’t get a date, so he’s doing this instead.””

You can watch those gems here:

Trump went on to insult New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, a Republican who has yet to endorse him, both at the rally as well as on Twitter:

Atta boy, Donny. Hit ’em where it hurts.

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