Brand New Mom Texts Wrong Number From Hospital Bed, But Good Thing She Texted Some Bros Because The Results Were A+

If you’re engaging in a conversation with a complete stranger who accidentally texted you, you should probably go out and put yourself out there a bit more. That’s like having a heart-to-heart with the Time Warner customer service lady. You’re better than that bruh.

But, there are certain instances when having a text string with someone who never wanted to talk to you in the first place is acceptable–most notably if that person just created the miracle of life and popped out a bebe. In that case, you have no choice but to do what these two bros did when they received a text from a random number about a vagina being dilated.


Remember what I said about how pathetic it would be if you had a heart-to-heart with the Time Warner lady? This is a cry for help.

[h/t IMGUR, Unilad]

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