Massive Supercell Tornadoes Just Plowed Through New Orleans And Footage/Pics Of This Storm Are INTENSE

new orleans tornadoes

Facebook / sam.girault

The great state of Louisiana and proud city of New Orleans are in shock today after a completely devastating set of supercell tornadoes blew through the region. Power is out all throughout New Orleans. Homes, cars, and lives were destroyed in a matter of instants.

WDSU, a local news station, was reporting this storm cell as something you’d expect to see on in Tornado Alley on the plains of Oklahoma, and not something a meteorologist would ever expect to see moving through New Orleans, Louisiana.

Pictures and videos of the devastating storms have been shared on Twitter as evidence of damage emerges. There are reports of people trapped underneath debris. Highways and roads throughout the region are being closed as rescue workers are scrambling to make heads or tails of the damage and get to those citizens in need:

The extent of the supercell tornado damage isn’t yet known. I can’t even begin to imagine what some Louisiana citizens are going through right now. I’ll continue to update this article as more details emerge.