‘Brutal ISIS Execution’ Is The New Rickrolling, So Go Ahead And Get Your Game On, America



I simply cannot think of a better way to trivialize the efforts of ISIS to spread fear on the Internet in the form of beheading videos than what you’ll see below. Everyone here knows what ‘rickrolling’ is, it’s sending someone a video that’s supposed to be XYZ when in reality it’s just a link to Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ music video.

Well this is kind of like that, only instead of rickrolling people are flooding YouTube with video titles similar to ‘Brutal ISIS Execution (Graphic)’ only instead of showing NSFL executions, which is what ISIS wants, they’re actually playing one of the greatest songs of our generations (I SWEAR it’s not Rick Astley):

What’s kind of funny about this is the man behind the rickroll song, Rick Astley himself, actually released a brand new single yesterday. I was planning on blogging Rick Astley’s new single as a standalone post and using the headline ‘Rick Astley Just Dropped A New Banger And I Swear On Your Grandmother’s Grave I’m Not Rickrolling You Right Now‘ but I’m still 99.99% certain you bros wouldn’t believe me, so I’ve decided to instead include Rick’s new song ‘Keep Singing’ in this post:

What do you think, bros, is Rick Astley’s new song a banger or nah?

And while I’ve still got you I’m going to go ahead and be honest with you bros, I had no idea that Rick Astley was even still alive until I was down in Mexico this January seeing Phish for 3 days and saw billboards all over the highway between Cancun and Tulum. I was legitimately shocked to see that he was (1) playing concerts anywhere in the world and (2) how heavily they were advertising this Rick Astley concert down in Mexico…I truly felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.

I can’t help but wonder how Smash Mouth feels about all of this…

(h/t The AV Club)