There’s A New ‘Scale Of Sexuality’ With 42 Different Rankings…So Let’s See What Your Score Is, Shall We?

The ‘Kinsey Scale’ was created by renowned psychologist Alfred Kinsey way back in the 1940s as a way to classify the sexual orientation/preference of individuals, and now everyone thinks the scale sucks. It runs 0-to-6 with 0 being exclusively heterosexual and 6 being exclusively homosexual. The major gripe is that it fails to account for things like asexuality, or people who have zero sexual orientation/drive whatsoever. So, there’s a new scale of sexuality and it’s got 42 possible rankings.

Unlike the Kinsey Scale that only accounts for a person’s sexual orientation the new Purple-Red Scale of Sexuality and Attraction measures how a person expresses that sexuality…If that sounds confusing, I apologize, I was always dogshit at concisely explaining anything related to the psychology. Just give the scale below a gander to see where you land on the new Red-Purple Scale of Attraction and be sure to share this with anyone and everyone you know, because people love psychological evaluations of themselves:


Reddit / Metro UK

For reference, here’s what the original Kinsey Scale looks like in comparison to the (supposedly) new and improved Red-Purple Scale of Attraction and Sexuality:

So, bros…what’s your number? And why do you have such a small D?