New Tinder Study Might Give You An Unfair Advantage Over The Rest Of The Field By Making This One Simple Adjustment

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For females, picking an outfit for their Tinder pics is so easy. Select an ensemble that exposes their sexy legs, yoga pants that accentuate their derriere or a revealing top that flaunts their cleavage and the gentlemen will cometh hard. It’s like a goddamn vibrant plume of a peacock. But for guys it’s not that simple, so we wear what we think girls want to see, the only problem is that every other dude wears the exact same getup, and you don’t stand out.

Mashable analyzed 12,000 profile photos of male and female users between the ages of 18-40 in New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta. They discovered that a large number of users are wearing very similar outfits with very similar outfits in their profiles, making it difficult to stand out.

You want to seem well put together yet casual, so you rock a long sleeve button-down shirt. Problem is, so is everybody else.

You wear black because it’s slimming or you think you look like Kylo Ren or some shit. Problem is, so is everybody else.

According to the analysis, 72 percent of men on Tinder are prone to wearing basics, opting for neutral colors when it comes to their clothing.

Why not try wearing clothes that are red? This strong color makes you stand out, and this hot color that “evokes a powerful emotion of passion, lust, sex and energy”.

Maybe try some bright yellow, this cheerful and bright color represents “youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and other light playful feelings.”

The color green promotes thoughts of “growth, nature, money, fertility and safety.” Now what woman doesn’t want growth, nature, money, fertility and safety?

The strategy of standing out with eye-catching apparel worked like a charm on Bumble for our very own Matt Keohan who wore an ugly Christmas suit and a Miller Lite sweater. So take a fucking chance and wear shit that will make females take notice because goddamit you are deserving of attention.

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