Police In New York City Make Biggest Heroin Bust Ever And It Is So, So Much Heroin



I’m not gonna lie. I always get a little teary-eyed when I read about police making drug busts. Not because of the hard work our nation’s detectives are putting in, or because their actions are making our streets safer.

Haha no fuck that. My cries are for all the drugs. The drugs that will never make it into the lungs, noses and bloodstreams of our nation’s drug enthusiasts. Instead, it is forced to languish in evidence lockers, eventually destroyed before getting nary a single person high.

No drug deserves such a disappointing life. But such is the fate of so much heroin found in the Bronx. So much heroin. It’s so sad. From the New York Daily News:

Cops from the Manhattan North Narcotics Major Case Unit displayed a mountain of heroin — $2.5 million worth — in a Creston Ave. apartment in Fordham Heights on Wednesday night, hours after a dozen officers stormed the residence.

Cops arrested 12 people inside the three-bedroom apartment in the 1 p.m. bust, investigators said.

How much heroin is that? Well, the culmination of the biggest bust by New York City police ever led to nearly 150,000 glassines of heroin.

In total, police seized 140,000 glassines of heroin, the biggest bounty for a home-grown operation the unit had ever captured, according to authorities who orchestrated the sting.

“This is obviously a legitimate heroin mill,” said Inspector Charles McEvoy in the most Captain Obvious statement of 2015.

Making matters worse, the heroin was just about to hit the streets, possibly scheduled to be shipped out the day after the bust.

Poor, poor heroin.

Anyway yay yahoo go cops good work.

[Via Complex]