New Male Birth Control Combines The Pleasure Of Shooting Heroin Into Your Dick With None Of The Permanence Of A Vasectomy

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Have you ever tied off your arm, cooked up a batch of tar, and just fucking mellowed?

Imagine, though, if you could, instead of shooting up through your elbow, you mainlined that batch right into your dick vein.

Man, that’d be good. Probably.

Well, it’s getting closer and closer to a reality (minus the part where heroin is shot into your dick, because, well, I probably should be clear that I was joking about that).

Vasalgel is a new, injectable male birth control which is getting closer to reality. We covered that the drug worked on baboons, and now they’ve had successful trails with rabbits. (This seems like a backwards path to take. Like wouldn’t you do rabbits first, then apes, then people? Whatever)

Next comes human trials, which are slated to begin by the end of this year. After that, shooting up yo’ dick.

I know, I’m excited, too.

As a refresher, Vasalgel is a polymer gel that is injected straight into the vas deferens. Once there, it blocks the flow of sperm to the penis while still allowing other fluid to pass. So there’s none of that creepy ball build up that, while not real, everyone who hears about vasectomies freaks about.

One of the biggest parts of this study with rabbits was to ensure the process was reversible and guess what? It is.

The ability to remove the gel to return the flow of sperm – or reverse the contraceptive effect – was successfully accomplished in the rabbit model, with results currently being prepared for publication. Seven rabbits had the test article flushed from their vas deferens, and semen samples showed a rapid return of sperm flow.


If everything goes right in human trials, Vasalgel could be on the market by 2018.

Amazingly, this isn’t the only vas deferens manipulating product that’s about to shake up the male birth control game.

Which are you, bros? A gel guy or a switch guy?

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