Newscaster Reads Live Tweets On Air And There’s Absolutely No Way It Could Go Wrong

Meanwhile, a couple production bros are in the break room fist bumping and keeling over in laughter. Because they definitely left this poor lady to the wolves. This was 100% an in-house mole. There’s no way this passes through the chain of command the old-fashioned way without someone being like “ya I think this dude’s talking about getting fucking lit in his car.” Simply unrealistic and I love it. Had her speaking like on those text-to-speech robots from those websites you used to call your friends a ‘dickface’ on when you were kids. What makes it so great is that she really didn’t know what she said until she read the entire thing. Like there were no curse words, just her reading some black Twitter about comparing a deadly fire to hot-boxing a whip. Classic entertainment.

[H/T Barstool]

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