Could The Next Sharknado Hit Our Nation’s Capital?

sharknado 2 new trailer


In the past two years, vicious Sharknados have torn apart Los Angeles and New York City. Where would you expect the next to pop up?

Well, given reoccurring meteorological conditions, your best guess should be New York or Los Angeles. Like how earthquakes always hit in the same places and volcanoes always erupt where there are volcanoes.

But the SyFy channel say ‘Mind ya bid’ when it picks locales for its hit movie franchise, Sharknado.

Which means the next movie, already greenlit, is likely to ravage Washington, D.C.

That right, sharks coming in from the Atlantic, through the Chesapeake, up the Potomac and into Congress. From ShowBiz411:

Sources say that Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, and co. are headed to the nation’s capital for a work out with their shiny, sharp toothed friends.

After the success of the first two classic “Sharknado” films. fans started clamoring for a Washington setting. And why not?

Yes, I agree. That’s a perfectly logical reason. At least for this franchise, it is.

[H/T @DangerGuerrero]