Good News, Dudes! None Of You Fatally Overdosed On Marijuana Last Year. In Fact, No One Did



The U.S. Center for Disease Control released its annual statistics on drug overdose deaths in America and, hey, guess who doesn’t make an appearance on the list?

That’s right, our (good) friend marijuana. No one died of a marijuana overdose in 2014.

In fact, since the CDC began tracking fatal overdoses, marijuana’s never shown up in their data sets. That’s because it’s damn near impossible to overdose on marijuana. Like… literally.

You know what it isn’t impossible to OD on? Pretty much every other drug. Just look at how deaths from heroin abuse have skyrocketed.


That… that ain’t good. Prescription drugs, though, remain the nation’s biggest harbinger of death, killing over 25,000 people in 2014.

You can see the rest of the CDC’s data here.

[H/T The Huffington Post]

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