North Korea Releases Crappy Propaganda Video Showing Nukes Obliterating U.S. City

North Korea loves themselves some propaganda videos showing them destroying the United States with missiles. I guess they love these CGI videos so much because it’s the only time they fire their missiles and they don’t blow up four seconds after launch. Last month, Pyongyang released a craptastic video of North Korean missiles annihilating a U.S. aircraft carrier. A year before that awfully animated Pyongyang wet dream, North Korea released a video of the White House and Capitol Building being decimated by missiles. The latest North Korean propaganda video was once again shitty, but at least it had a live band.

Along with their military parades which made have had missiles made out of wood, North Korea held a concert to celebrate the 105th birthday of the country’s founder Kim Il Sung. During the performance by the orchestra and North Korea’s State Merited Chorus, there was a video of a simulation of a nuclear attack on the United States. The pathetic video, which looks like it was made on a Commodore Amiga, showed intercontinental ballistic missiles soaring over the Pacific Ocean before erupting on U.S. soil. After the nukes detonate, all there is left is an American flag with cross graves.

It should be a violation of international law for how poorly produced their pitiful propaganda videos are. Maybe ask South Korea to take a timeout from making Samsung Galaxy S8s and ask them nicely to produce a quality propaganda video?