Poor Dude With Number Identical To Chipotle’s Promotion Was Inundated With Texts From Assholes Demanding Burritos

Yesterday, in an effort to win back customers it nearly killed with poo food, Chipotle ran a promotion offering free burritos to anyone who texted a number they provided.

They may have lost one customer in the process, a poor man in Bethesda whose number was almost identical to the promo code.

Hank Levine told DCist he got about 200 texts saying ‘Raincheck’ during the seven hours the promotion ran for yesterday.

Levine thinks the mix up occurred when people’s phones accidentally added his 204 area code to the six digit number.

Several people got testy with Levine when he told them he wasn’t the Mexican food chain, including one person who wrote “just send me my burrito, bitch.”

Chipotle apologized to Levine and mentioned the mix up happened to others as well.

He received coupons for five free burritos for his troubles and said he’ll use them on “a bowl with chicken and some other stuff.”

Good order.

[Via DCist]