Numskull Jumps Into Raging Fire, IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

These fine gentlemen have been drinking throughout the entire night. Thankfully, neither their fire or their burning desire to do dumb shit have not been extinguished.

The fellas are so inebriated that they have no idea that it is 6 a.m., and instead of getting some McGriddles and calling it a day, one brainiac decides to throw himself into the fire. You should be sober enough by 6 a.m. to know not to jump into a tall fire, but not these fuckwits.

The intelligent-looking fellow with the sweet Dale Earnheart Jr. jacket jumps ass-first into the raging fire. He burns his jacket, his pants, and his ass. I guess he thinks he’s hot shit now.

If this tool thought his hemorrhoids burned before.

He should have just let him light his country music award on fire and not his ass.

[protected-iframe id=”5a8d40108e3d9342f6d117a2149dc933-97886205-93291949″ info=”” ]

Let’s watch more people play with fire and fuck up their lives.

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