Nutso Video Shows Drunk Driver Smashing Into Cars, Dragging People Around As He Tries To Escape People Punching Him

Don’t let the lengthy run time of this video dissuade you from watching. All the action’s in the first minute. And boy, is it some action.

It begins with a dude wailing through the window of a car at a driver. The driver peels off and smashes into a car in front of him. That’s when another person starts pounding on the other side of the van. The driver backs up, into the sidewalk while dragging a person, then crashes into a wall before switching gears and gunning it in the other direction, driving away.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the man behind the wheel was apprehended.

Police spokesman TJ Smith said officers have arrested the man suspected of being the driver in the hit-and-run, which occurred about 2:15 a.m. and was captured in what Smith described as “an absolutely horrific and disgusting video.”

The video shows a minivan in the 700 block of South Broadway trying to flee two assailants by ramming into nearby cars and reversing wildly onto a sidewalk.

Officers arrested Orlando Redd, 37, of Parkville, a few blocks away, Smith said. Redd, who police was under the influence of alcohol at the time, was charged with assault, malicious destruction of property and counts of endangerment, and was issued numerous traffic citations, police said.

A woman was hospitalized with serious injuries to her ribs and skull.

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