Dude Wears A Male Romper Around NYC And The Street Reactions Are Very Unexpected

by 11 months ago

The ‘Male Romper’ has been getting a comical amount of press over the past month and a half. Contrary to what the media wants you to believe, there are not a ton of dudes out there in the world wearing rompers. What’s happening, or at least what I think is going on, is the handful of guys out there wearing male rompers look so ridiculous that they get an absurd amount of attention for wearing them. Just walking down the street wearing a male romper is a spectacle.

This dude above pretty much proved my suspicions to be true when he filmed himself walking around NYC wearing a male romper for 10 hours. He hit up three neighborhoods (Washington Heights, Harlem, and Times Square) while wearing the romper and they filmed the reactions. As you might expect, people are incredulous when they see a man wearing a romper.

When it comes to high fashion, you can get away with more in NYC than any other city in America. If this person were to wear that romper in Williamsburg/Bushwick/Chelsea/Meatpacking District I suspect he’d have had to walk around for 24 hours to get enough stunned reactions on camera. That’s not to say that wearing a male romper in SoHo or Bushwick would ever be considered normal. Anyone wearing a male romper has to be VERY AWARE that it’s an outrageous fashion choice and all about the attention. I’m just saying that NYC is probably the one place in America where you can pull the male romper off (depending on the neighborhood).

[h/t DIGG Video]

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