President Obama Had The Most Baller Steak Dinner Last Night, Eating With Tom Hanks And Morgan Freeman

You know that game people play, where they ask if you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?

I imagine as president, you get to play that game whenever the hell you want, and not just in the hypothetical sense.

“Today, I’d like to eat with Harvey Keitel, Bryce Harper, and the exhumed remains of Marcel Proust,” you’d say to your secretary and bam, you get to do it. Who turns down an invite from the president?

Last night, Barack Obama did just that, having a steak dinner with two of Hollywood’s biggest luminaries, a meal I imagine every single person would kill their brother to sit in on.

The dream table: Obama, Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks

The setting: One of D.C.’s swankiest steakhouse, BLT Steak.

The trio was spotted by literally everyone in the restaurant, because how could you miss that?

What do you think they talked about? Perhaps this video about what Obama plans to do in his last year in office?

It’s possible!

[Via DCist]