Obese Dude Dumped By His Girlfriend For Gaining Weight Gets Absolutely Shredded And Upgrades His Girl

by 12 months ago

Women have a funny way of motivating. As men, a portion of our self-worth is how we are perceived in the eyes of our partners and 33-year-old Miro Judt learned this the hard way.

The Englishman was dumped by his girlfriend of six years after he let soda, takeout food, chips, and chocolate turn him into a 295-pound undesirable.

“My long-term girlfriend leaving me was the real turning point. She was so dismissive of me and had no belief that I could lose the weight.

Via Express:

“I felt so hurt, but I decided there and then that I was going to change and to show her that I could do better and improve my physique.”

Miro cut out all junk food and soda from his diet and replaced them with fish, chicken, egg whites and protein shakes. After adjusting his caloric intake and putting in twice daily cardio shifts as well seeking advice from a competitive body builder, the warehouse worker lost 90 pounds and became nearly unrecognizable from his his old self.

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