Ohio Lady’s Mugshot Wins the Internet

Shut it down, Internet. This lady’s mugshot just won all of the mugshot Oscars there are to be won. So… What did she do? Refused to leave a motel room, of course:

Police in Wickliffe, Ohio say they were called to a Quality Inn just after noon on Saturday because two guests, a man and a woman, were refusing to leave their room.  The hotel’s check-out time is 11 a.m.

Officers knocked on the door of room 253, and the man and woman answered.  Police say they were told to leave the room or pay for another day if they wanted to stay, but the woman– 34-year-old Angela Green of Cleveland– got loud and refused to cooperate with officers.

When police got them them outside, the learned that Green had given officers a false name, and refused to identify herself.  After a brief struggle, Green was taken to the police department and identified.  She was charged with obstructing official business and eventually posted $354 bond.

Party hard, Ohio.

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