O.J. Simpson’s Nickname In Prison Is Reportedly ‘Stinky’ Because He’s Always Pissing Himself


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If this recent story about O.J. Simpson is true then “the juice” is most definitely loose. A bit too loose, from the sound of it. Perhaps some Imodium A-D is in order.

According to Radar, one of O.J. Simpson’s friends from prison, Vernon Nelson, says that “The Juice” can’t control his bodily functions anymore and has to wear adult diapers. Aww.

Fellow inmates have nicknamed him “Stinky,” and refuse to share a cell with the foul-smelling wife killer, according to shocking letters from The Juice’s prison buddy.

“O.J. is incontinent — he shits on himself,” the disgraced running back’s prison pal, Vernon Nelson, wrote to Radar.

“I’ve been with him on several occasions where he had these incidents!”

Stinky, huh? Nice.

Seems that the guards there aren’t doing Simpson any favors either.

According to Nelson, Simpson tried to play the fame card in a bid to cut in front of other prisoners during a visit to the prison chapel, but his arrogance blew up in his face.

“A guard yelled at him angrily on the bullhorn and told him, ‘Mr. Simpson get your ass back on the other side of the gate with the other inmates, your [sic] not getting any special treatment from me!!!’ ” Nelson wrote.

“O.J. walked back to the other side of the gate, stood next to me, dropped his head and started sobbing uncontrollably!”

“He tried to hide his tears behind his sunglasses, but a few people still noticed as he wiped them away.”

Poor Juice.

Here’s to hoping that something similar, or preferably worse, befalls one Jared Fogle while he rots away in prison.

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