O.J. Simpson Claiming He’s Lived A ‘Conflict-Free’ Life Has Thrown The Internet Into Hysterics

by 11 months ago

O.J. Simpson, the man who once prided himself on his smooth-talking charm, has gone totally delusional in his old age. Today, the 70-year old faced a Nevada parole board to plea for his innocence after serving nine years of his 33 year sentence for a 2008 armed robbery in a Vegas hotel room.

As we reported earlier, Simpson kicked off the proceedings by boldly claiming that “nobody has ever accused him of pulling a weapon on them” in his life. This prompted some A+ responses from the world wide web.

Welp, just when we thought O.J. was done proving he’s totally disconnected, he said this:

The scariest part of this statement is that I honestly think he believes it. I genuinely believe he thinks he was going the speed limit during that infamous Bronco chase. Hell he probably thinks that Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman slipped and fell on the murder weapon, because of course he’s never pull a weapon on them.

The internet has reacted to the delusional statement accordingly.

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