Need Quick Holiday Cash? Your Old iPod Could Be Worth Almost $1K



It’s getting to the point where people just can’t throw anything away. It might be worth something to somebody. The original, first gen iPods might be worth more than your car. Well, a really shitty car.

A few iPod Classic models are fetching big bucks on eBay? Why? Because they hold an assload more songs than the current versions. What else do people love about the old iPods? It doesn’t do half the crap new iPods do. That’s a good thing.

It isn’t just about what the Classic has, though. It’s also about what it doesn’t have.

It doesn’t store music in the cloud, so you don’t need to have a mobile data signal or a monthly subscription to listen to your tunes.

It doesn’t run apps or send texts, so the battery goes on forever and you don’t get distracted. And if you’ve got an old iPod dock with the 30-pin dock connection, adding a Classic gives you a pretty good hi-fi.

I’m not saying you’re going to get enough for your iPod on eBay to book a spring break trip but a couple extra bucks in your pocket this time of year doesn’t hurt.

H/T Metro

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