Bitter Old Man Puts Hilarious Pokemon Go Sign On His Front Lawn After Nerds Kept Trespassing On His Property

by 3 years ago

The only upside to both my grandfathers having passed away is that they are not around to grapple with this Pokemon Go nonsense. I spent the majority of my adolescence trying to convince my grandfather to just send me cash on my birthday rather than a savings bond, but grandfathers are stubborn creatures who take to change poorly and reject the unknown.

Especially when that unknown is a bunch of nerds glued to their cell phones trespassing on private property to try to catch a pixelized lizard.

There is nothing that sums this up quite like this sign that a man put out on his front yard after a bunch of shitheads took the liberty of trespassing on his property in an attempt to catch them all.

I think he got his point across…

pokemon go


1.) Crystal Pepsi is a national treasure.
2.) The Macarena is the only dance a white person can do. It is a blessing.
3.) CSI Miami is an abortion of a show. Couldn’t agree more.

Stay off this dude’s lawn. I don’t think he’s fucking around.

[h/t Some eCards]

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