Bitter Old Man Puts Hilarious Pokemon Go Sign On His Front Lawn After Nerds Kept Trespassing On His Property

The only upside to both my grandfathers having passed away is that they are not around to grapple with this Pokemon Go nonsense. I spent the majority of my adolescence trying to convince my grandfather to just send me cash on my birthday rather than a savings bond, but grandfathers are stubborn creatures who take to change poorly and reject the unknown.

Especially when that unknown is a bunch of nerds glued to their cell phones trespassing on private property to try to catch a pixelized lizard.

There is nothing that sums this up quite like this sign that a man put out on his front yard after a bunch of shitheads took the liberty of trespassing on his property in an attempt to catch them all.

I think he got his point across…

1.) Crystal Pepsi is a national treasure.
2.) The Macarena is the only dance a white person can do. It is a blessing.
3.) CSI Miami is an abortion of a show. Couldn’t agree more.

Stay off this dude’s lawn. I don’t think he’s fucking around.

[h/t Some eCards]

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