Here’s Sad Proof That It’s Incredibly Easy To Trick Old People Out Of $40K With A Simple iTunes Gift Card Scam



Old people will fall for ANYTHING.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident where a senior citizen was scammed out of $40,000 by someone impersonating a family member. The victim, who is 86, said he received a call from someone who sounded like and claimed to be a family member who lives in British Columbia.

The scammer told the elderly victim he needed $40,000 to get out of jail and asked the victim for help. All the victim needed to do was purchase iTunes gift cards in the amount of $40,000. Because the scammer sounded like a family member, the victim went from store to store, purchasing up the gift cards for $500 each.

Seriously though, pee paw, what the fuck kind of jail takes iTunes gift cards? Does the PD need multiple copies of the new Beyonce album?

Here’s a good way to keep grandparents from getting scammed — get them a brand new cell phone, only give the number to certain family members, and say “this is the ONLY line we’ll ever call you on. Anyone else who calls is a bullshitter.”

Also, throw out their computers. What the hell do they need the internet for anyway?

The sheriff’s office was contacted about the incident and as a deputy was talking with the victim, the scammers called back, claiming that a judge wouldn’t accept just $40,000 and they needed another $10,000. At that point the deputy got on the phone and introduced himself. Not surprisingly the scammers hung up on him.

Or maybe CALL the alleged victim to verify?

“Hey George, it’s grandma. Are you in jail?”
“WTF are you talking about?”

End of scam.

If old people would just take THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP, most scams would be dead.

[via KXLY]

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