‘How Do You Make Your Wife Scream During Sex?’–Watch The Old-Timers Tell Their Favorite Offensive Jokes

by 4 years ago

The greatest thing about old men is that they don’t play by society’s rules. They’re totally unapologetic, could give a shit less about political correctness, and they won’t hesitate to take a nice long look at your girfriend’s ass while she serves herself some stuffing on Thanksgiving. They openly admit that they hate their wives (your grandma) but at that age, comfort and loyalty are more valuable than love.

That’s why it comes with such ease when they tell jokes about banging their wives (or lack thereof), chicks with big ol’ titties, and getting dirty with their hoezzzz.

Best joke:

“How do you make your wife scream during sex?”

–Call her and tell her.


[H/T Elite Daily]