Chick Sets World Record For Most Watermelons Crushed Using The Thighs And I Think I Just Found Your New Fetish

Olga Liashchuk is a chick from Ukraine who has ambitions of becoming the ‘World’s Strongest Woman’, and she trains ravenously in pursuit of that goal. She’s got some of the strongest thighs on the planet and she put those ham hocks to work while setting the new Guinness World Record for ‘most watermelons crushed using the thighs’ (GIFs below).

Unrelated…why can’t I stop watching this GIF:

I’m typically a huge supporter of the more outlandish world records set, like this one, but I have some concerns about the watermelons. No two watermelons are created equal, every watermelon that you slice into or eat is slightly different, with some being extremely strong and others falling apart like an orange. What I want to know is who is in charge of the quality control on this world record attempt? And what are they doing to ensure that the watermelons being crushed by Olga’s thunder thighs aren’t compromised and/or weakened in any way.

Enough about me, though, let’s watch that action once more in GIF:

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