This Customer’s Olive Garden Feedback Card Just Goes To Show What A Rip-Off ‘Endless’ Pasta Is

OliveGardenLogo3 It’s no secret that I hate Olive Garden, to the point where I’d rather shave my pubes using a shattered light bulb laced with heroin than spend money on “pasta” there. Speaking of pasta, did you know that Olive Garden has an endless pasta deal? That’s actually a rhetorical question, since there’s no way you AREN’T aware of it since they’ve been pimping that special all over town like a hooker who just got back on the street after a DDD boob job. But did you know that endless pasta doesn’t actually mean endless pasta? That’s right, Olive Garden is a dirty filthy lying poopmuffin of an excuse for an “Italian” “restaurant,” as shown through Redditor Gashlycrumb_‘s restaurant feedback card.


the pasta was great as was the service, however I expected the “endless” pasta to be fed to me in the form of one long noodle which lead from the kitchen. Possible next time? Thanks!

So not only does your food blow fat donkey cock, but you’re telling me that your advertisements are blatant lies? What’s next, you’re going to tell me that Alfredo sauce isn’t ACTUALLY Italian?

Oh wait, it’s not. Fuck you, Olive Garden.

[H/T Reddit]