This Bro At The X-Games Makes The Snow Melt With His Dance Moves In A One-Piece Ski Suit


As I mentioned earlier, this weekend I’m out chilling in Aspen, Colorado for the Winter X-Games. Yesterday afternoon, I hit up the snow at Buttermilk Mountain for the festivities, including a historic performance by Chole Kim in the Women’s Superpipe and some gnarly wipeouts  in Ski Big Air. What makes X-Games such a party, though, isn’t just the ariel acrobatics on the snow. This year X-Games recruited major music artists like Snoop Dogg, Chromeo, and Skrillex to throw shows adjacent to the X-Games site, giving many of Colorado’s winter-loving Bros a reason to come to Aspen to rage.

One such Bro is this dude, which I spotted keeping it real while dancing his face off to Chromeo. As you can see, he was rocking a throwback one piece ski suit that looks like something out of a slap-stick ’80s ski comedy. He was rocking it open chested, too, making his hair-splitting moves to Chromeo all the more ridiculous



The ladies, of course, were swarming to him thanks to all that raw, sexual energy.

dance-bro-4 dance-bro-3


Amazing. No matter how hard you try, you will never be on his level of Bro-ness.

Anyway, shout out to this Bro. If anyone has more pictures or videos of his wicked moves, feel free to e-mail them.

The next time you want to get laid at a ski party, where a throwback one piece ski suit, open-chested. Make sure you put on the most ridiculous sunglasses you can find. Then just let the music do its thing.

And then thank me later.