This One Little Word INFURIATED And Set Off A Man To Beat The Crap Out Of Another Dude

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Do you have a word that you despise and if someone called you that name you will automatically throw down? For this fine fella, you best not call him a “pussy” because he will go on a rampage as you see in the video above. Don’t even mention your pussycat Mr. Snuggles. If you’re walking in the woods with this gentleman and see some soft pussy willows, don’t even think about pointing them out to this guy. If you’re in the grocery store with this chap and he’s just there lollygagging around and can’t seem to decide if he wants Ataulfo mangoes or Haden mangoes, don’t say to him, “Stop pussyfooting around and pick a fucking mango.” That is because this man will knock your fucking block off if you use the word “pussy.” But you don’t have to take my word for it, just watch him obliterate this dude who called him a pussy.

To beat the shit out of someone over some harmless words seems like a bit of a pussy move if you ask me.