Wanna Go Nazi Hunting? Operation Last Chance Wants YOU

Think Zuroff is over-stepping his bounds by asking that criminal charges be brought against men on death's door? Get the fuck outta here. I love that someone is vigilantly pursuing 90-year-olds like he's acting in an nursing home production of Munich's Operation Wrath of God. Look at what these assholes have gotten away with for decades:

Ladislaus Csizski-Csatary: The Hungarian, 97, sent 15,700 Jews to their death in a ghetto in Kosice.

Gerhard Sommer: THE SS man, 92, helped massacre 560 people in an Italian village including a three-month-old baby and a civilian aged 86. He was convicted of murder in absentia in Italy but still lives in a home in Hamburg, Germany.

John Kalymon: Now 92, he took part in the deportation and murder of Jews in Lvov (then in Poland, now Ukraine) in 1941-44. Tracked down to Michigan, USA, he was ordered to be deported. But no country has so far agreed to take him.

Vladimir Katriuk: The platoon commander, 93, allegedly burned the villagers of Khatyn, Belarus, to death in a barn in 1943. He also ordered other atrocities on Jews.

Today, he keeps bees in Ormstown, Canada, and sells their honey.

Theodor Szehinskyj: NOW 89, he was an SS guard at the Gross Rosen, Sachsenhausen and Warsaw death camps.

He later farmed in the States. Now living in Philadelphia with his wife he insists he was a slave labourer not a killer in the war.



It's truly aggravating, but the fact is that post-WWII, many, many Nazi officers escaped to South America, the U.S., and Canada, assumed other names, and lived full lives without ever being caught. Dammit, here is our generation's chance to put DECADES of Medal of Honor experience to good use. Even if Sommer, Kalymon, and Katriuk aren't in, uh, prime fighting shape.

[H/T: Uproxx]

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