Woman Robs A Guy While She’s Going Down On Him And Is ‘America’s Got Talent’ Still Holding Auditions?



Now this takes talent. Giving a man oral while stealing his wallet. This woman must give some amazing mouth kisses on the dick.

A 25-year-old Nashville woman is facing charges of theft and indecent exposure after robbing a man while she was performing a sex act. According to the arrest report, Jonisia Morris was “performing oral sex on the victim while sitting in a car located at the Clarion Hotel.” While performing the act, Morris allegedly removed the man’s wallet from his pants pocket while his pants were down around his ankles.

Now here’s where she goes all David Copperfield and I’m not talking “making his sperm disappear.”

Morris took the man’s debit card, hid it under the passenger seat and then put the wallet back into the man’s pants. Later, Morris used the card to purchase gas and other items at a gas station.

But good for him for lasting so long, right?

[via Fox 17]