You Now Have A Foolproof Excuse For Bailing On Brunch: Drinking Mimosas May Give You Cancer



Look. It’s no secret I am an unabashed hater of brunch. It takes too long and it cost too much and if you do it al fresco, it could wind up giving you cancer.

That’s right. What say you lovers of sunlight and mimosas and gabbing over cocktails and wasting three hours of my life which could be spent doing anything that isn’t sitting in my chair waiting for this meal to be over?

Oh, you don’t have to metaphorically kill me on the inside with this, no, you have quite literally kill me, dragging me to a shitty hip restaurant and plopping me down outside where the consumption of orange juice in the sun could be increasing my risk of developing melanoma by 25 percent?

Yea. Per The Daily Mail:

Drinking a glass of orange juice or eating a fresh grapefruit for breakfast may increase the risk of skin cancer, researchers say.

Doctors found a link between certain forms of citrus fruits and melanoma, the most deadly form of the disease.

A glass of orange juice at least once a day increased the risk by 25 percent, researchers found, according to HealthDay.

The researchers were quick to stress they did not prove citrus fruits cause skin cancer, they simply observed a link.

But it is possible that certain compounds in citrus foods could cause melanoma, said senior author Dr Abrar Quershi, chair of dermatology at Brown University and a dermatologist at Rhode Island Hospital, in Providence.

I guess this study technically pertains to the daily consumption of orange juice and not the infrequent ingestion of it over Eggs Benny but whatever fuck your death meal.

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