These Are The New Oreos Your Girlfriend Will Be Eating Next Week Because She Thinks They’re ‘Better For Her’

Oreo Thins
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The Oreos you loved as a child…don’t worry, they still exist, but right next to them on store shelves will be these “Oreos on a diet” named Oreo Thins.

The maker of the popular cookie has confirmed it will begin next week selling “Oreo Thins” — a slimmed-down version of the original with about 34 percent fewer calories.

The cookie with the skinny new look is a “sophisticated” snack for grown-ups, according to Mondelez International, that isn’t meant to be twisted or dunked.

Four of these new Oreo Thins will set you back 40 calories while three of the original cookies clock in at 160 calories and your girlfriend is already doing the math.

“Well four of these is only 40 calories so 16 cookies is still only 160 so I can have 16 cookies instead of four and since I’ve already had 16 I should just finish the first sleeve because I walked to and from the car at work today and I can’t leave just one sleeve in the box and could you get me another glass a milk because eating 32 cookies is making me AWFULLY thirsty and ugghhh why’s it so hard to lose weight?!?!?! I’m eating diet cookies!”

Lukin made the following analogy: If regular Oreos were like pancakes, Oreo Thins would be like crepes.

…and now your girl will want crepes.

In case you’re wondering how healthy these new Oreo Thins are, watch this video describing how much went into making “cookies that don’t break.”

The chemicals will keep them together…FOREVER!

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