Guess What These Orphans Found Inside A Charity’s Bake Sale Cake, HINT: It Begins With ‘D’ And Ends In ‘ILDO’

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Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned bake sale for a bunch of orphans that ends with a dildo to the mouth hidden inside a slice of cake. Probably wasn’t that bad though. If you think about it the dildo was probably sanitized via the heat of the oven that the cake was baked in, which means these orphans need to quit their bitching and be happy it wasn’t worse. Besides, now they’re getting all this attention that you couldn’t have PAID people to give them prior; they’re orphans. No one cares about a sack full of sad children until you throw a dildo into the mix.

A charity bake sale raising money to support a Romanian orphanage took an x-rated turn after a sex toy was discovered inside one of the cakes.

Glasgow City Council ’s officials were shocked after the risqué aid was discovered in one of the baked goods.

…A source said: “The bake sale was being held for employees to buy cakes and help raise money for charity.

“However, the sale was called off and word quickly spread that all cakes had to be binned due to this malevolent act.

“By the close of business, the true nature of things came to light – someone had rammed a sex toy through a chocolate cake.(via)

CCTV footage is now being examined in order to find out who put the dildo into the cake, so yes – there are police officers investigating this. How low ranking of a cop do you have to be to get assigned dildo duty? Poor guys have to go home to their wives and be like “Yup…found the mystery dildo penetrator. Now back to traffic duty!”


[H/T Mirror]


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