Top Orthopedic Surgeon Charged With Hosting Massive MDMA-Filled Sex Parties With His Hot Wife


Andrew Scott Martin, 47, is a Harvard graduate and is considered an elite orthopedic surgeon. He’s also a sexual savage.

The married doctor and his wife have been accused of throwing massive swinger parties at their $3 million mansion, handing out MDMA and cocaine to party-goers to get the sexy juices flowing.

Martin is facing 10 drug charges,  including three counts of trafficking a controlled substance when undercover police officers arrived at the party after the police created a covert adult website that led them to the Martin residence.

Wow, those cops deserve another badge or a purple fucking heart because if I arrived at a mega mansion and was offered molly and sex with a hot wife, nothing else would matter. Fuck my job, my family, my morals, and most literally, fuck my penis.

I bet you’re wondering, what’s a swingers party without a theme? Relax, the Harvard grad has it figured out.

The theme of the night was Eyes Wide Shut, based on the 1999 film starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, where Cruise goes on a night-long odyssey of sexual discovery.

You had me at molly.

Cynthia Hurtado, the undercover officer who attended the party, said that she asked Martin for molly to loosen up and he replied with this panty-dropping line: “I will get loose after I have sex with you later”.

Before other guests arrived, officers stormed the house and found more than a half ounce of marijuana behind the DJ booth, magic mushrooms, methamphetamines, cocaine and MDMA.

Martin was suspended from practicing medicine for two months and must follow strict guidelines for two years if he wants to continue practicing.

One of those guidelines is inviting me to their next gangbang. I’ll bring the cheese platter.

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